First Covid, then the Fires

Hello all! We'd like to thank everyone for dealing with us throughout Covid. It was a very tough time, but we pulled though it! We had quite a few stumbling blocks like our orders arriving late and refunding frustrated customers. We still have Covid; but our shipping times are back from 1 to 3 business days, like they should be, and our seed stocks are back up.    This spring and summer we experienced growing pains--like going from 50 orders a week to several hundred a day. Since we have upgraded our shipping interface, all our order tracking software and our inventory system is up to date. We are happy to announce we added a seed counting machine as well as a seed weighing machine. This enables the packing of the seed packs to be both accurate and efficient. We will continue to provide all Heirloom, beyond organic seeds at a fair price.

Thank you and happy growing!!!

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