First covid then the fires

Hello all we like to thank everyone for dealing with us throughout covid.  It was a. Very tuff time but we pulled though it.  We had quite a few covid stumbling blocks. Late orders. Refunds people upset in general .   We still have covid. Pandemic with us but shipping times are back. To 1 to 3 bussiness days like they should be and our seed stocks are back up.    This spring and summer we went though growing pains going from 50 orders a week to several hundred a day.  Since. We have upgraded our shipping interface.  All our order tracking software.  And our inventory system is up to date we have added a seed counting machine also a seed weighing machine. This makes packing the seed packs. Acurate as well as efficient.  We will continue to provide all heirloom beyond organic seeds at A fair price

Thank you and happy growing!!!


  • hello yes we are a small bussiness and to the shipping question you must have had garden supplies in your cart that is what made it charge you the shipping its a software glitch

    beyond organic seeds
  • I’d like to order from a local (Oregon) small business to support our people. Would I be doing that if I order seeds from you?

    susan adams
  • Hi, your shipping info says $4 shipping below $35 but at checkout I was charged $8. Waiting to hear back from you before I place my order

    Judy Minnick

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