Yes we are still shipping

Hello all we all no we are all facing challenges.  Right. Now.  We all will get though this. We are working very hard to ship every order as fast as possible some are shipped next day. Average is 3 days.    If we are out of stock on a item we will ship your order with the item on back order happy growing!!!!


  • I ordered two (2) packets of tomatillo seeds (0rder # 22007798), followed the tracking and find that the order was returned to you on November 21, claiming that my address didn’t exist (??). Now what am I to do?
    I’m surprised to be charged postage on approx. 100 seeds which could be sent for the price of a one ounce postage stamp.
    So be it. And now…awaiting your instructions.

    Charles Oelfke
  • What are the shipping costs? I live in Frisco, TX

  • So far so good with this company. Received everything except the garlic I ordered. The invoice said it was on reserve. The seeds look great. And I received an extra package. I believe I will receive the garlic in time to plant. I suggest we all give them a try.

  • Ordered twice, satisfied. The first order took 17 days including shipping time, while the second one only took 10 days. I guess they are not crazy busy now. Packed more seeds than stated on the webpage. For the 0.5oz seed packages, I weighed them and they are all meet or beyond the stated weight. Already in my bookmarks and will definitely come back.

  • I ordered seeds and they arrived in a little over week from across the country. Let’s see how they germinate and grow.

    If they are scammers, they are terrible ones. The website needs updating (says new for 2019 in one place), the seeds were reasonably priced and they sent more than the seed count would indicate. Are they junk? I guess time will tell.

    Pauline Childs

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