A flower, sometimes known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plant.  Are sunflower packs have over 50 seeds in them.   And have around 600 a once. Unless other wise stated but we strive to give good value in all of our heirloom garden seed.   All are other flowers have around 300 seeds a pack and.  Over 5000 a once.. Unless otherwise stated. liven up your garden with flowers to attract bees and butterflies.  After the bees are done cut a few for your table or office desk.  We have a great selection of sunflowers. And cut flower mixes. These are great for our farmers market friends. You can hands down have some of the best cut flowers at any of your markets...   We also highly recommend succession planting starting as soon as the ground can be worked. All of our flowers are heirloom non gmo. And. Check out all of our other heirloom garden seeds.  Most of the flowers we carry are annuals.  Also we have a few edible varieties as well no garden is complete without some flowers.  And plant a pack of sunflowers today  Happy growing!!!

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