New for 2021

We are pleased to announce.We only add heirloom.  Non hybrids. Non gmo all beyond organic.  We will be adding items daily check out are new flowers. And. Wheat grass.  Most orders ship within 2 days and we still  have huge packs and we pack are seeds by hand.  

    new foil packs   we are currently updateing our Packageing. To. Sealable and reasonable foil packs yes we are still packing some in paper packs 

     seed counts.  We have added a seed counter.   to our packing. Room. So this will make sure all packs are. Right on the money 

      new shipping software.  We have integrated.  Are shipping platform    so the customers are updated in real time as well as sending us reminders if a order is taking to long in shipping.  Our goal here is to cut down as much as possible.  On late orders 

     Lets. Make our 2021 growing season a great one.   Happy growing!!!

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