The pea is most commonly the small spherical seed or the seed-pod of the pod fruit. We have all the main eating peas sugar snap peas. Snow peas and the very rare yellow pea seeds. All of our varieties are non gmo.  Are packs have about 50 to 75 seeds and about 1500 a pound. Unless otherwise stated.   Peas are very cold tolerant.  And can be planted early and should be planted. A few times over the year.                                       Since these are heirloom open pollinated you can save seeds.. These will all grow true and will have great taste and the nutrition of yester     year.  Because its a true variety 

    And the yellow pea seed We carry is a very rare snow pea.  

      to our farmers market friends: 

 You should order about four ounces of each variety for each market. You do. People love fresh peas.  


 And another benefit of the beloved peas.   .they are a great soil builder.  Will put loads of nitrogen into the soil.  And your animals will love the plants after you pick all the peas

   Peas should be planted close together about 1 inch apart.  And will. Need something to climb on.  We have plant before a spring snow as soon as the ground can be worked and after the snow went away we have peas plants growing up 

    Happy growing!!!

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