Organic products

Hello all. For those of you that need certified seed.  We offer every product we have.   In organic.   But most of them are special order. Some of what we have already is Organic.  Its just not stated.  We can get how ever much you need at very competitive prices. But ask yourself.  Are you really growing organic.  Is your idea of organic. Just picking out a pesticides that are on the approved list.  Or.  Fixing the problem so your stuff is not attacked by bugs. Remember the u.s.   lets China import vegetables.  Fertilize with raw human sewage. And label it.  Organic.  Be part of the beyond organic movement actually practice good farming..... Crop rotation... Soil building.. Use heirloom variety... Beneficial insects. And so on. Be part of the sustainable movement.  Not.  Just be certified cause you figured out how to go threw the loop holes