Pumpkin Patch: a Basic Guide

 Hello all! Here are a few pointers from the Squash King. It doesn't matter if you're growing a huge patch to bus students in, to a small church for a festival, or to your grand kids to come over, they can get the perfect pumpkin. The secret is eye candy--meaning you will want to have as many varieties of different colors and different sizes from each group. So, plant more of the common ones and then have unique ones--about a 6 to 1 ratio. I recommend having at least 5 different kinds, such as a White Orange Fairytale,  big, small, mini etc. Finally, add between 4 and 10 types of winter squash with at least 1 rare one. If you plant just one kind, you will be left with pig food. You want people to take home 5 to 20 items; they can't do that if you only have 1 variety. What they don't use for Halloween will become part of their fall holiday decor. Then they will be talking about you and telling their friends. Most importantly, do not over charge people; a rare fancy pumpkin or squash costs you the same to grow. The seed is a little more, so charge 2 more dollars for the fancy, not 10 extra. Otherwise you will have Pig feed! Happy sharing and growing!!!