Seed counts

Ok. Here is some basic infromation on are packs.. As far as seed count goes...most all are packs are double or triple. The ones your used to seeing.. Small seeds like carrots and radishes.  Have several hundred seeds. Huge seed.  Has.  20 to 50. In them.  Like the more fancy squash and pumpkins have closer to 20.   So you should order depending on what your growing.  If you only have a couple raised beds. You should get a few packs and you will be.  Fine.  But if your growing for a farmers market.   Or csa shares.  Or.  Just a old fashioned.  Homestead.  Order in ounces. If your sprouting or a community garden Or greens.   Order multi ounce packs or pounds  I hope this was helpful.  Any questions.  Just email.   Thank you.   Squash king