Shipping times. And free shipping

  Hello.  All.     We strive to get all of our orders out in 3 or less bussiness  days. So.  If you order on a Thursday.  Your seeds will be shipped  on Tuesday  or before.    Please note. In busy times January  thru April  this can be up to 5 days.  On complex orders.   We ship mainly with. Usps.  There scans take about a day to upload 

  Yes sometimes we print a large number of orders. At once.  This puts your order in pre shipping stange.  This give us the chance to full fill orders in a timely manner.  

 We don't have a minimum order.  So in turn.  We charge. $4  for anything. Under $35.   And free. Shipping. With anything  over $35. 

  We do not not hide.  Free shipping in every pack.   Like. Some big online retailers. This would be unfair to large gardener.  I laugh when I see a 2.50. Pack of seeds at 9.79. Free shipping who are these folks fooling.   No we do not. Put postage  stamps on single packs of seed.  We send them.out first class in a bubble mailer 

  Hope this clears things up. Thank you