Summer squash growing tips

Hello all.  Growing summer squash.  First off.  All varieties of the very productive. Family. Known as summer squash.    Grow. About the same.

   When transplanting. Be very careful of the roots.   We recommend use ing peat pot style pots. To transplant.  But. In most cases you can direct seed. Plant the seed about a half inch to a a inch down.  Water and wait. 4 to 7 days. And presto out pops your new squash plants. 

Remember. These little plants don't like the cold. 

    You will want to plant about 2 feet apart to give them room.  And room for you to get in there and pick.   You can plant marigolds.  Close to keep the bugs away. 

Summer squash. Will do well in any soil. Just keep the weeds down. So how you fertilize is up to you.   Ok.  Here is where.  Things can get out of hand. You want to keep them picked.   And they just keep coming.  The bigger ones are great for stuffing as you would a bell pepper these can get

  Huge as in.  50 pounds huge.  

   So even the most brown thumb. Can grow these.     Happy growing!!!