What to Plant to Keep the Deer and Rabbits Away

 Hello all! This is an ideas on keeping the deer out of the market farm or your homestead garden without spending a lot on a fence or other methods. Not only will this idea give you eye candy, but it will also attract beneficial insects and pollinate insects. Try this on the edges of your growing area: plant some things that the deer and rabbits will hate the smell of. The number one smell they hate is sunflowers, and who of us doesn't like sunflowers? You can also plant lots of Marigolds all over your growing area then throw some snap dragons in. Depending on your garden size is how much you will need to plant. To the deer, these are a foul smell! Let's say you have a 20 by 30 foot garden--a pack of Marigold and a pack of sunflowers will work fine. As your garden gets bigger, about 2 ounces of flower seed per acre will be fine. This also will give you cut flowers and lots of cool sunflowers. Happy growing!!! the Squash King