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Aunt Molly's Heirloom Ground Cherry

Aunt Molly's Heirloom Ground Cherry

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Aunt Molly's Heirloom Ground Cherry takes 65 to 75 days from transplant and grows like a tomatillo. When the fruit fills the husks, they are ready to go! You can get several quarts per plant.  They are easy to grow and will grow in zones 3 to 10. You will get nice, yellow, sweet berries.  Great for jams, smoothies--basically any thing you would use for berries. They are slightly tart, so do not eat before ripe and do not eat the leaves. They will be a hit for all of our farmers market friends. These are Heirloom, Non-GMO, and ready to grow! Just a really great, Heirloom garden seed--Happy growing!!!   

 We harvest the hole plant and pick em all at once. It makes harvest a hole lot quicker 

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