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Big horse spotted corn)

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Big horse spotted corn is a heirloom that goes back centuries  its from the Osage people.  And this is beyond rare.  It's on the endangered list we are one of the few growers in the country that grow and offer this variety   

   The big horse spotted corn produces some of the best.  Looking corn we have ever seen. Each of the lighter kernals have colored pok a dots. 

  Will turn heads.  And is a great addition to any market garden line up. 

Also this variety is very hardy. Will grow no matter what  wind weeds.  Bugs.  You forget to irragate  

 We harvest and  shuck this variety by hand to ensure quantity.   It will be ready in about 90 days.  

You will a big long ear.  And a smaller ear off every stock 

 Please If your going to order a large quantity  

  Save a little of the seed you harvest.  It's up to growers like us to keep this variety off the endangered list for folks to enjoy for generations to come.  This is non gmo heirloom beyond organic

 Plant early. Plant often happy growing!!!

The Big horse spotted corn) is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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