Black Beauty Eggplant

Black Beauty Eggplant

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Maturity Date:  80. Black beauty eggplant seeds.  Are a great garden seed. This is from transplant and as a heirloom variety these are easy to grow 

This is the standard all time favorite eggplant.  Nothing fancy.   But its what everyone thinks of when you say eggplant...highly productive once this one gets going you can pick 2 or 3 times per week it will give you tons of standard uniform eggplant perfect for grilling and a good weekly staple for your farmers market sales and c.s.a boxes.....  These seeds are tiny.  And best started in trays.  Egg plant are not cold hardy at all.  So its a must transplant. Crop.  We reccommend. The black seed trays so the sun can warm them and.   You might wanna try planting a few at a time. So. You will be picking early.  For our farmers market friends. You should plant about one pack of black beauty. Eggplant seeds.  Per market .

As with all our seeds these are non gmo.  Ready to sow.   And as always. Heirloom beyond organic

 grow. And demand heirlooms as they are a part of our heritage. 

side note. The black beauty eggplant. Makes excellant fried slices and. Will grill up awesome vege burger slices 

Approx. Seed counts

6000 plus in a ounce and around 


Around 150 in a pack 

       happy growing!!!