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Blue Hopi Corn

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Blue Hopi is a native Heirloom corn that has been feeding the Hopi tribe for centuries. It takes about 90 days; it grows beautiful dark blue ears that are a good size of 5 to 7 ft. plants. You can eat it as a sweet roasting corn before it fully matures. It will preform well in the 3 Sister companion planting. A must have for fall displays and farmers markets!

  this is a hit for Fall displays and decorations 

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Looking for a new, exciting variety of corn to grow in your garden? Look no further than Blue Hopi Corn! These unique corn seeds produce stunning, blue-tinged ears of corn that are sure to be a conversation starter at your next barbecue.

But Blue Hopi Corn isn't just about its striking appearance - it also boasts a delicious, nutty flavor that is unlike any other corn you've tasted before. And because it’s an heirloom variety, you can feel good about supporting biodiversity in your own backyard.

At Beyond Organic Seed, we take pride in offering only the highest quality, non-GMO seeds to our customers. Our Blue Hopi Corn seeds are no exception - they have been carefully selected and grown to ensure the best possible outcome for your garden.

So why not try something new and exciting this gardening season? Buy your Blue Hopi Corn seeds today and experience the unique flavor and beauty of this stunning variety. Your taste buds (and your garden) will thank you!

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