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Blue Hopi Corn

Blue Hopi Corn

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Blue Hopi is a native Heirloom corn that has been feeding the Hopi tribe for centuries. It takes about 90 days; it grows beautiful dark blue ears that are a good size of 5 to 7 ft. plants. You can eat it as a sweet roasting corn before it fully matures. It will preform well in the 3 Sister companion planting. A must have for fall displays and farmers markets!

  this is a hit for Fall displays and decorations 

   This season we had about a acre of this variety we had 10 and 12 foot high. Stalks.  We went old school on fertilizer we planted rows of beans next to every row of corn  the beans. Release natural nitrogen into the soil   

 We didn't plant any winter squash in there.  Only on the outer rows.   

   Old school methods are not only beyond organic they are cost effective.   

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