Fancy baby's breath
Fancy baby's breath
Fancy baby's breath

Fancy baby's breath

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annual baby's breath: this is a all time favorite here in the U.S.A.  for filler flowers tons of tiny white flowers. Also makes awesome dried flowers 

  This variety is easy to grow and the seeds require no special treatment. We highly recommend planting in succession so you have a constant supply all season.  

     Baby's breath.  Is not only a great addition to your cut flower program. Its. Highly. Deer resistant. And if you enjoy this heirloom flower.  In your vases you will addoor it in your garden 

     this variety will grow in all zones. All regions and. Even the most. Novice gardener can have success with this ....

    how much seed to get.  

   If you just want to have alittle in your garden. Just get a pack.   This will give you dried flowers some cut stems..

    To our farmers market friends..figure about a quarter ounce of seeds. Per market you do.  Will be plenty. These seeds are tiny so be careful not to over seed. 

    basic planting infromation:

   Keep moist but not to wet.  Cover with only about a 1/8 of dirt or less we water first then hand plant.   So it wash away the seed these seeds will germinate fairly quick so can water will a light sprinkler. Flow after planting just not a major watering thank you

    happy growing!!!