Long Island Improved brussel sprouts

Long Island Improved brussel sprouts

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Maturity Date:  90

Long island Brussel. Sprouts

Germination time. 5 to 10 days be really careful if starting in those black seed starting trays. Not to let them be in full sun it can make them so hot they won't grow 

Here is some basic infromation about 

Long island Brussel Sprouts. These are all heirloom garden seed. As always non gmo 

You will get a very high quality Brussel sprout that won't get bitter on you. And they will gift you with loads of 

Medium green sprouts; very uniform plant; fine flavor who doesn't like these little guys they look like oblong mini cabbages.  And are a very neat plant to look at cause they grow 2 or 3 feet high they will withstand a little frost and cool night. They will transplant well and the. Bulk transplanting method works really well with Brussel sprouts.                                  if you leave them on the stock will store for awhile and look very cool on your farmers market table happy growing !!!  Get your bulk garden seed now