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Musquee de Maroc

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This Heirloom, rare winter squash is an overgrown acorn type with orange flesh; it's highly warted and very unique. Rare in the USA, it hails from Morocco--a very long keeper. Definitely a head turner for sure at the markets and fall displays! In the unripe state, these are a dark warted green. As they ripen they will change color to a pale warted orange. You will not find these at the box stores! This is another great Heirloom variety that we are proud to carry and pass on. You can save the seeds from this squash and it will grow true! Grow like you would any winter squash. Buy squash seeds online. Happy growing!  

Plant early plant often 

The Musquee de Maroc destined to impress, and priced at only $2.99, for a limited time.

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