Sugar Ann (sugar snap)

Sugar Ann (sugar snap)

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Maturity Date:  63. Days more or less

Sugar Ann pea.    Edible pod snap pea

Great heirloom garden seed.  Non gmo this variety is a great addition. To your garden and. A must have for any farmers market table or booth. 

the sugar pea is a 

All-American winner; edible pod; early; short growth habit; pods 3 inches long.  That will keep on producing you will have tons of great snap peas.  And snap peas will grow in any zone here in the United States and will grow year round in zone 7 and above 

  how much seed to buy. 

If. Peas are not your favorite and there's just one or two of you and you just plan on planting. Once.  In your main garden one of are huge basic packs will be perfect for you.       Now if you have a family.  And you intend on planting a few times and everyone loves fresh sugar snap peas order a half pound of sugar Ann pea seeds.  And you will have plenty. And to our farmers market friends. Order about four ounces of seed for every market you do.  

  when to plant. The sugar Ann pea 

    should be planted as soon as the ground is not frozen.  These are cold tolerant folks in some areas broadcast this seed on the last big snow then by the time the snow melts the peas are already growing. And the folks in zones 7b and above you can plant in January.   We are in zone 6.  And we plant ours in march 

      Thank you.  happy growing!!!