Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish

Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish

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Maturity Date:  100

Long-day heirloom late-maturing; large, globe shape; fairly mild and sweet; skin brownish yellow sweet Spanish is one of the finest sweet onions you can grow. Is a great keeper for storage. Will stay fresh about. Three months. These are cold tolerant so you can plant for to six weeks before your last frost date.  

    Basic planting instructions 

    plant. About. A half inch down.  And the spacing depends on the size your going after if you are wanting. Smaller to mid size bulbs plant closer together if you're looking for larger bulbs space farther apart. 

    Harvesting instructions

   As with most root crops. You will want to water alittle bit to loosen the ground  before. You pull them up.  Also if you are desiring to store you yellow sweet. Spanish. Onion go along and bend over the tops of them this will hardern them of.  You can gently use a manure fork. 

       Eating your harvest 

     These will. Make awesome onion rings.  They pronounced rings.  That are firm.  That you dont find in other sweet onions.  Dont forget to use the tops 

    How much seed to get

    If you have a smaller garden or have many varieties just get a pack or two.  But. Anything bigger you should get a ounce or two.   And to our farmers market friends. You should get a ounce for every market that you. Do.    the tops grow over two feet on the yellow sweet Spanish 

    Happy growing !!!