$30 Green House

 Hey y'all! I'd thought I'd share my $30 green house. This was very easy. I took wood racks for firewood off my neighbors pick up he wasn't using it any more; then I took a fence post, cut it in half, and attached it in the middle. Next I put a 2×4 across. And presto! I had the frame. Then I went to the hardware store and got the most heavy duty, drop cloth they had,  some staples, and a roll of duct tape. I used the drop cloth for the cover and stapled it on. I put on the duct tape over the areas with the staples. I cut out a door, wrapped the tape around the edges, and put an old broom handle at the bottom so it won't blow in the wind. It has held up to 25 mile winds. I took old closet doors for my shelves, and it works fine; it looks good too! It got down to 17 degrees and did not hurt my tomatoes with the drop cloth staples. The tape cost $28, and I got a soda--so the whole thing cost me $30!