Turnips and Rutabagas

Turnips and rutabagas are well known by all and liked by both animals and people. Turnips are a very important vegetable for animal food and soil building. They grow as a root crop as well as for turnip greens. They have a knack for tolerating almost anything from poor soil to lack of water. They are quick growing--about 30 days for baby size, to 60 days depending on the size of bulbs you want. Turnip greens are highly prized in many places in the world--including the south eastern United States. Some folks plant some just for the deer and cows to eat. We plant them at the ends of our fields so the the deer stop there. And as they grow bigger, they will break up the soil. We have White Purple Top turnips which are great for greens, the Golden turnips are wonderful for baking, and the White Japanese turnips are good for salads and greens. Gardeners of all levels can grow this famous heirloom garden treat. All our seeds are Heirloom and Non-GMO. Happy growing!!!


   1st.  Off.   Do.  Not.  Over seed. Space 2 to 6 inches apart depending on the size of turnips you want. The farther apart.  The bigger the turnip. The closer you plant.  The bigger the turnip greens are. 

   2nd. Don't plant em too deep  about a 1/4 to 1/2

    Inch  is.  Deep enough.  

   3rd. Keep your seed beds watered. They need to be kept moist.    

   Time of year.      In zones. 7 and above.  You can plant turnip and turnip greens  from. Mid January  until.  November.   

    The rest of us. Mid to late February  until. October 

    Another important  growing  tip.  If your in area where the carrot fly is a problem, make sure you either plant early. Or plant late. Because  those  carrot Flys. Will lay there eggs in the turnips  and you will have  worm holes in your turnips and little holes in the greens 

  Here's a great use for turnips.  This root crop is a great way to get.  Alot of feed quick for your barn yard friends. Cows and hogs and goats do great on these.  You can yield over 20 tons a acre with turnips with little equipment. This is the livestock feed of yester year 


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