The Solanum Lycopersicum is commonly known as a tomato plant. Our packs have over 50 seeds and about 10000 per ounce. 

    Heirloom tomatoes  We carry small, big, white, yellow, pink-red, and purple in different sizes. Most of these tomato seeds you cannot buy at the store and need to buy online. We source from small farmers and suppliers. We search all over to bring you many Heirloom tomato choices!

    Here is some basic tomato info we will break up into two kinds: Determinate which comes on all at once, over like a week or two; and Interdeterminate which produces tomatoes all season long.  All of our listings will say what type each is.  

  Next, here's a size break down: 

   Let's start with everyone's favorite cherry tomato. This site is easy to grow and will produce in just about every growing area in the U.S.A.

    Then the saladette size of this Heirloom grows pretty fast; they're round and about two inches on average. A great choice for the northern climates! 

     Mid-size slicer: This is the size that most folks are used to; this variety comes in a rainbow of colors.  It can be a challenge for our northern gardener friends, so these should be started indoors and transplanted. 

   Beefsteak tomato: These grow from a pound to a whopping four pounds a tomato pack. For flavor, these need a longer season and a little more TLC. 

 No matter your growing needs-- 

Buy tomato seeds online! 

  We are pleased to add several varieties of the indigo, blue series which are a dark blue, Non-GMO, open-pollinated tomato.  Full of antioxidants, this series has wild roots from the south American part of the world. The indigo family of tomatoes need a longer growing season.  Also.  The indigo series of tomato is one of healthiest tomatoes on the planet. It has.  Higher levels  anthocyanins with is. A disease fighting compound.  

    Also any of our purple tomatoes contain very high levels phytonutrients.  So add some of these to your juicer.  Today

    We recommend transplanting when you start all tomatoes about six to eight weeks before planting date. And be careful to not disturb the roots; this will give your plants a good start and increase your harvest. Thank you!

    Here are some growing tips. 

 . First of.  Start off about 6 to 8 weeks before your going   plant outdoors.   Next.  This is very important.  Start your seedlings in peat or pulp pots that you can put directly in the ground so the roots are not disturbed     and. HERE'S  a big one that a lot of people miss don't  press your tomato seeds into the pots fill the pots with soil.  Or planting mix about half way then.  Put your seed in then cover your seeds. This way the roots of your new plants can freely grow  and if at all.possible use a mulch...when finally planting outside

     There's nothing like home grown tomatoes 

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