Grow a Super Garden with Great Seed – Old Time – Heirloom Favorites

Mission Statement

Hello y’all, and thank you for visiting our site.  We, here at Oregon squash king seeds,  believe in non G.M.O. heirloom seeds and the lifestyle it brings.  Let’s face it, we don’t want to grow for are family’s, or sell at farmers markets, the same stuff you find on the store shelves.  We want the quality and taste of years gone by.  We want to help pass on family traditions of canning and holiday recipes that can’t be found in modern varieties.  We believe that this is one of the best selections at any one place for this kind of produce.  We also farm for our friends and family and sell at local farmers markets what we grow.  So if we carry it, we have grown it and keep growing it.  So let me help you enjoy some of the best fruits and vegetables the way God intended them to be....Are seed packs are bigger than most we don't fool you with $1 seed packs and then give you.  6 seeds.  If. You need more than 2 packs order a bigger size and heres a guide lets say.  You are growing pickleing cucumbers.  And you are canning 3 dozen jars.  You need 1 pack of seeds.  If your doing 10 dozen get a ounce of seeds.  That is only suggestion.  If you only want a few pumpkins or squash.  Get a pack.... We hope that makes since to everyone happy growing!!!!!!

Some simple growing ideas

  hay everyone just thought I'd share some simple growing ideas with winter squash its best to till manure in along with straw and mulch.  Try to stay away from wood chips cause they will suck nutrition out of the soil ..or you can buy some 10. 20. 20.  Or triple 16.  Fertilizer. Also.  Feed the plants at least twice with a manure tea or store bought.  Now to have the tastiest squash and the best pumpkins plant as late as possible.  Why you ask they will freeze.   That is what you want at their final maturity stages. A couple lite frosts help them change starches to sugars. Thus enhances the flavor...and your want pumpkins to be brightest. In late September.     Not in August.   They will.  Make for really nice displays.  And this is really important for pie size pumpkins you want them as tasty as possible. Well that's it. On. The squash growing.   Every one has there own ideas.  But this is a tried and true.  Way to do it..... Now for one main tip on the 3 sisters.  Companion planting method this is a important one pick a corn that matches the growing time of as the squash.  Here's a idea. If you want acorn squash pick. A. 70 or 80 day corn if your growing jack o lantern.  Pick a 100 day corn.   You want everything to mature around the same times.                                             We try to carry a lot we are adding stuff all the time most of are variety are suited for the northern tier.  Of the country.     If we have left out any of your favorites. Just shoot us a email.. This fall will be adding 50 kinds of heirloom tomatoes and about the same amount of peppers and lots.  More. Flowers.  So happy growing!!!