Lettuce: Leaf, Romaine, & Iceberg

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an annual plant of the daisy family, Asteraceae. It is most often grown as a leaf vegetable. Our packs have over 500 seeds and one ounce is over 30000 seeds. This is a great bulk garden seed, and and we only carry Heirloom lettuce seed. Ok folks, this kitchen staple can almost be grown year round.  In colder areas, use a cold frame for most of the leafy and romaine types. You can start picking in 30 days and fully matures in 60.  A definite must for succession planting! You should be planting from beginning of February to mid October (mid-September for colder areas). It's just about year round in warmer areas, but not in the very hot months unless you have shade. We are pleased to offer so many lettuce varieties! All of them are Non-GMO and non-treated, which make them a choice for microgreens and baby leaf. Perfect for indoor, crop so you can take care of your gardening itch with heirloom lettuce seed. It's widely grown all over the world, and we have you covered if you want a small pack or bulk garden seed.

  We are very pleased to offer only Heirloom varieties and all of the three main types: Romaine, Loose leaf (butter crunch)  type, and-- everyone's favorite--Iceberg!

   Be really careful in the heat of summer to pick it before it bolts.  Heirloom lettuce should be in everyone's garden.  Pick at least two kinds and plant often!   

Be really careful to not over-seed. Lettuce seeds are kind of small; if you do over-seed, it will create over crowding. So, you have to have some baby leaf in your salad and then thin it out. Cover with only about a quarter inch of soil, max, and keep moist.  Also, keep in mind that most lettuce seed won't come up if its really hot.   

Happy growing!!!

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