Green Beans

Green beans are the unripe, young fruit, and protective pods. Our packs have over 50 seeds and 1500 to 2000 a pound. Did someone say companion planting or canning? If you're only going to grow a few things, then grow green beans! Careful to not let them get to big! Pick a few times per week; these will grow well next to almost any vining crop and the all-time American favorite Three Sisters companion planting! 

  you will want to plant a few varieties unless you have your favorites green beans are direct seeded.  Don't do well being transplanted  they are not as cold tolerant as peas. But it doesn't need to be full summer 

    here's a guide. On how much to plant 

 1 or 2. People. You want about 4 ounces of seed 

   If your only eating fresh and not canning 

   Bump it up 2 ounces of seed per person 

   If your canning plant about a half pound per. Person in the family.  

  If your a market grower.  Plant about 5 pounds of seed per market.  


   It takes about 50 pound of seed per acre. 



We recommend planting several varieties as well as yellow and purple 

   Hope this helps 

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