Eggplant is a summer favorite! Our packs have around 50 seeds and around 6000 in an ounce.  Note our fancy Eggplants  packs only have about 35 seeds.are a classic summer garden favorite; you can grill or fry them--or put in a soup. They are perfect for raised beds or patios. Start your seeds about 6 weeks before your last frost. A must have for your CSA boxes and farmers market tables. All our eggplant varieties, along with all our other seeds, are Heirloom and Non-GMO. Happy growing!!!

market farmers.  Put some smaller eggplant varieties into your line up.  You have great results 

 Here's some basic planting and growing tips 

 To start with eggplants should be transplanted you can use pulp pots or plug trays.  You figure. That they will need 6 to 8 weeks before you plant them outside

   The smaller fruit varieties mature much quicker and are great for. Northern area shorter growing seasons  

We carry a wide selection of different kinds of eggplant 




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