Garden center. Community garden seeds

We are very happy to offer some of our great Heirloom seeds. To garden centers and community gardens. These are.   Packs. And our 1 oz sizes. Aswell as bigger sizes. Sizes of our.  Peppers and tomatoes.  So like a garden center 20 pack would  be 20 of our normal big packs.   Or.  The bigger 1 ounce size.  Let's say romaine lettuce.  15 1ounce packs ready to put on your shelves  you. As a independent garden center. Should. Want to have things that set you apart from the big box stores.   You want to have the variety and items that people want. To set you apart. From them 

    All garden  center orders are shipped within 3 bussiness  days  except in Jan and Feb.  Give us a extra day.    These are nice high end craft resealable packs.     And we have free shipping on orders over $35. 

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