Back to normal shipping times 2 day

Hello all.   We want to thank everyone.  For being patient.  We got slammed with orders and things where on back order but we are fully stocked again. And we are sending out.  In 1 to 2 bussiness days.   On most orders.    If.  You had a problem with your order.  Please email or post on this blog and we are back to responding to emails in a timely manner.  We are family run seed company.   And it was all hands on deck getting orders out.   Happy growing!!


  • It’s been a week and I still haven’t received a tracking number for my order. The forced app I have to use says nothing about it being shipped. Where’s my order or tracking number??? I don’t receive one here shortly, I’ll be asking for a refund and a very lengthy comment to the BBB.

  • I just wanted to leave a comment that is the precise opposite of the ones I’m reading here…My experience with Beyond Organic Seeds has been tremendous, top to bottom. From fulfillment to shipping and tracking, top notch. And the communication has been great too – I actually emailed the owner (clearly prematurely, only a couple days after placing my order ) after reading some comments online – my order shipped 2 days later and was delivered in 3 days, Texas to NH! Really nice packaging and lovely seed – I’m planting today!
    Highly recommended outfit.

    Paul Block
  • Thank you for the email update regarding my order; I look forward to receiving it.


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