Back to normal shipping times 2 day

Hello all.   We want to thank everyone.  For being patient.  We got slammed with orders and things where on back order but we are fully stocked again. And we are sending out.  In 1 to 2 bussiness days.   On most orders.    If.  You had a problem with your order.  Please email or post on this blog and we are back to responding to emails in a timely manner.  We are family run seed company.   And it was all hands on deck getting orders out.   Happy growing!!


  • Just wanted to update my post from June 8th. I ordered my seeds June 2nd and received them yesterday June 13th. Everything was there and perfect. Will order again!

  • Ordered my seed the 15 of may did not receive the until June 6 th. And did not get all my seeds in the order.. I have tried several times to email about this and still no response. By ordering from this company has put me behind .

    Tony Thompson
  • Sighhhh why didnt I read this prior to purchase….
    Same as everyone else on here. Placed an order a week ago and still have no shipping info.
    If anyone has received an order placed over these last few months please post and let us know!

  • I placed an order June first and have not received an email about shipping and upon reading these comments realize this company is a fraud.

    Jessica Paulus
  • I placed an order, just like everyone else and I have not received anything. It says it shipped, gave me a tracking number, but then when I track it, it says the post office is still waiting for my package to arrive before it can even be mailed. Just like everyone else, I’ve almost missed my planting season and I am going to write a complaint to the state government and PayPal if I don’t get some resolution within the next two weeks. I would like my seeds and I would like them now. I have emailed several times with no response. You’ve got some great seeds , some unusual ones and I thought that I was going to get good customer service, what a joke. Either send me back my money or send me my seeds. Thank you

    Renae randall

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