current shipping time and email response

hello all    happy to be part of everyone  2021   growing season we  currenlty caught up  on  our   backlog  we   are taking on average 3 to 5 bussiness to get orders out ....sometimes on bigger orders   we might hold it up for a bit  if we are waiting on a item  we try to get 1 or 2 pack orders  out in a day or two   so here is example  you  order 2 packs of cherry tomatoes   or  1 pound of green beans  on thursday   your order will be shipped  on monday thats 1 day  shipping   keep in mind   these are trying times on the postal system  we   responed to emails the same way  usally within 24 bussiness hours  you email  thurs  repsonse some  monday  most the emails  we take action on before we responed   so   please be patient   we all are working very hard to make sure everyone gets there seeds thank    happy growing
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