Doing a Garden with my Brother and his Family

Hello all! I took a break from the seeds and vegetables and skipped a farmers market. I proudly drove up to my brother and sister-in-laws new little homestead and helped them put in a family garden, like only the squash king could do. I didn't just do the garden myself; I showed them how to set up the garden. I brought up about 100 Cole crop transplants and about 500 packs of seed; and boy, did we go to town! My nieces and nephew got their own little section where they had there choice to plant any thing they wanted. I also left a few trays for their micro greens. They will be getting stuff out of there for months! But best of all, I got to share my knowledge with everyone. And I hope and pray that the family time this garden creates will turn into a cherished memory, year after year--along with awesome pumpkins, pretty flowers, and tasty salads. Happy growing!!!   Squash king
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