This Week on the Farm and New Items

Hey y'all! There's stuff happening fast this week. After last weeks frost damage, its going to be plant, plant...and plant some more! We practice succession planting to have new stuff to pick all the time. Here's a list of what's going in: lots of green beans, Fava beans, sweet corn, some Blue Hopi corn, cauliflower, beets, and squash--more summer, more winter. Now, with the summer squash, we pull the plants when they start getting huge because the smaller plants can't produce a 20 lb. zucchini in 2 days if left unchecked, and no one wants too many of the huge ones. Another round of beets will go in every week until mid-July around here along with some pickling cucumbers. The dill is already growing. It is important to have fresh dill in your farmers market stand when your pickling cucumbers are ready and slicing cucumbers, both green and white. Let's not forget that it's pretty cool to also have some sunflowers. We sell cut ones all summer!

The pumpkin planting is going to be in full effect. We don't use machines; we hand plant with a garden hoe. This way I don't have to bend over for every hole. This is not as time consuming as you would think. Let's say a half acre of the 3 Sisters companion planting takes about 3 and a half hours for 1 person. Spending 35 hours in the field, you can get a lot done!

We are pleased to announce that our Prizehead lettuce, a nice green, leafy kind, is this weeks new seed item on our website. A red loose head type will be next; you can use the red and green for sprouts, green manure, and for salad greens. And an awesome snack that comes right from the field, as well as a wonderful soil builder, is Fava beans. And another Heirloom heritage Indian corn is the Blue Hopi. Happy growing!!! the Squash King