Garden center wholesale packs

  This. Is to everyone who has a independent garden center.  Feed store.  Health food store. 

   Are active in there community garden scene

   And all our school teachers out there

  We offer. Just about all of our varieties we carry. In 10 to 20 pack.sizes.  so if it says 20 packs. You get 20 of those packs. At a lower price per pack..and there is room.for yourself aswell.  These are not.small box store packs each variety has a above industry standard  amount of seeds for that variety.  

The really awesome idea behind this.  It gets you. Really unique varieties that you would not be able to otherwise  find. To stock.  Or give away or use for your class.  At a great entry-level price. Also on some varieties we have bigger sizes.   Priced the same way     so you can offer bigger sizes at great prices. Most garden center orders are Shipped within 3 days.   And we have free shipping with a $35 purchase 

  You started your garden center.  To be different than the big box stores.  Your customers expect 

To find things that they can't find in big box stores.        Thank you