Storing Garlic

Ok, you have harvested all your garlic and now you have tons of it! You definitely worked hard, now what? Ok, first off, you need a dry, cool place that will not get too cold. You won't want the stuff turning to mush; do not store it in plastic bags or containers. Garlic needs to breath and mesh bags will work fine. I use milk crates--the ones that hold like 6 to 8 gallons of milk. Stack the garlic on the crates; garlic can breath and will stack nicely. It's important you don't peel off the outer skins. Leave the skin with a little dirt on it; this will add months to the shelf life of your garlic. Only peel the skins when you're close to using some.  If you peel it and put it through your food processor, you can get the small ziploc bags and freeze. Happy storing and happy growing!!!