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Apple Cucumber

Apple Cucumber

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The maturity date for the Apple Cucumber is about 60 days. This is an Heirloom garden seed with a wonderfully mild, non-bitter, taste. It is a round cucumber that has a thin skin. It's a lighter green version of its cousin, the Lemon Cucumber. They make a great container plant! You will get loads of these little cucumbers; you can trellis if you like. These are all Heirloom and unchanged over time. Lots of folks prefer these over the Lemon Cucumbers. Happy growing!!!

    Here is some basic growing ideas first off the apple cucumber seed.  Is all heirloom non gmo. And many believe it came from China centuries ago...   Cucumbers in general dont transplant well so if you must transplant use peat pots or something like that cow doo pots.  Paper egg cartons e.t.c.

    Awesome choice for farmers market.  Due to the fact these are kind of rare. And you can't find them on store shelves we recommend plant in a 2 to 1 ratio meaning.  If you plant 50 lemon cucumbers plant 25 apple cucumber seeds. You will not grow to much or buy to much seed.  These on average.  Are about three inches around. Great for pickle slices. And are burpless and easy to digest.  Grow heirloom.  Beyond organic.   Keep are heritage alive you cannot get heirloom on the store shelfs

     Happy growing!!!

    Here's some basic. Growing information 

    If it all possible.  Direct seed. Your apple cucumbers.   In our growing trails. The direct seeded ones. Out preformed   the transplanted ones

   So. When it's warm enough.  Plant your seeds about a half  inch to one inch down.  Keep moist.  They will be up in 4 to 6 days. So water when you drop seed.  Then again about three days later.  

    Keep them weeded and regular   watering  when the cucumbers  are setting fruit.  They will need more water.    And.  They  will  need to be fertilized two or three times.   For best results. Unless your  planting on last year's pasture.  

 If you want easy picking. And blemish free Lil. Cucs

      Provide something for them to climb on 

Plant early plant often 

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