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Atlantic Moon Pumpkin

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Maturity Date: 115 days

Atlantic Moon pumpkins produces huge, huge, huge pumpkins! The present day record is over 2k lbs. with this variety. With yellow to orange flesh, you can make pies for half the town. This is a competition one for the beginner. Hey look, if you grow one to 300 lbs on your first attempt or just tend to it on the weekends--we'd call that a win! Have fun growing this Heirloom, huge pumpkin! Happy growing!!!   

  We just got done harvesting  the 2021. Seed harvest.    Of this variety we only saved seed from pumpkins that where over 100 pounds  so you are only getting the. Seed from the plants with the best genetics    the Great thing about this variety  is that they will start out yellow then will turn orange. So if you live in a shorter growing season area. You won't be stuck with a green  pumpkins at first 

Plant early plant  often 

This variety will make great livestock feed as well 


The Atlantic Moon Pumpkin is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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