Banana sweet pepper

Banana sweet pepper

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Maturity Date:  80

Banana pepper seeds. Are non gmo heirloom easy to grow

Compact sturdy plants, produce continuously waxy yellow fruits mature to red.  Its a sweet banana  pepper that grows well in rough climates.  The peppers are beautiful.  Will make your csa boxes pop and everyone in your family will enjoy it. If you normally can't grow a huge bell pepper.  In your area you can grow this one we recommend to transplant these.  Those plastic seed trays work great for these.  Cause the sun will heat the trays up in your green house.  And we highly recommend succesion planting.  From spring until the end of June you will be picking from the end of June up until frost.  To our farmers market friends the sweet banana are a great addition. To your table.   You want about fifty plants a market.   To have enough peppers. These will out sell your bell peppers five to one.  To our northern gardener friends the banana pepper seeds will do great in the northern areas we know this first hand cause.   We grow these and this variety is really hardy.    And easy to grow 

     Happy growing!!!