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Black Beauty Summer Squash

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Maturity Date: 44 days

Black Beauty summer squash is a very productive squash that is dark green with 6 to 8 inch fruits. If you like small ones, you can start picking these once they start growing. Watch out, they will get huge quickly! One time I grew one for a zucchini competition; in one week, mine weighed in at 56 lbs.! For CSA boxes and farmers markets, you can pick every other day for your table; you can pick at whatever size you like. Grow and care like you would any other summer squash. We also have this in micro packs--about the size you would get from the store. Our packets have about 40 seeds and our ounces contain around 200 plus seeds. Enjoy this Heirloom, Non-GMO seed. Happy growing!!!

     here's some growing tips. 

  .black beauty summer squash is very easy and quick to grow  only taking 45 days  before you can start picking.  Just about everyone in every zone can direct seed these.    You wanna plant your seeds about 1 inch down. Give em some water.  You will want to place your rows about 3 feet apart.  And your plants about 1 foot too a foot and a half. .  

   You will have weed like twice. And after that the plants should be big enough to. Not be bothered by weeds.      

    Please note if you are growing in a green house. You  will have hand pollinate. Other you won't have any zucchini    

    this variety is the classic zucchini 

The Black Beauty Summer Squash is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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