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Boston Pickling Cucumber

Boston Pickling Cucumber

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The Boston Pickling Cucumber: this variety by far the most productive Heirloom cucumber seed you can get. This is a pure, Non-GMO garden seed that is all Heirloom and beyond organic. It's not uncommon to get more than a gallon per plant. You can pick smaller for sweet pickles or let them get nice and round at about four inches. These are one of the best Heirloom pickling cucumbers you can get! Order yours today--Happy growing!!! 

    Grow like you would any pickling cucumber. We recommend the use of trellis or some other kind of support and you can start picking in about 60 days 

    Buy cucumber seeds online 

   And to our farmers market friends you should get about a half ounce of seed for every market you do.. We take about three 5 gallon buckets of these to every market sometimes more for about six weeks 

   happy growing!!! 

Plant early plant often 

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