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Bulls Blood Beet Heirloom Seed

Bulls Blood Beet Heirloom Seed

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Maturity date: 60 days for full size beets and about 35 days for greens

The Bulls Blood Beet Heirloom Seed is an Heirloom beet seed. Great for fall and early spring, this variety is very cold tolerant. We have a very high quality, bulk Heirloom seed. Our packs of the Bulls Blood contain around 150 plus seeds. One ounce of Heirloom beet seed has about 1500 seeds. Now, lets talk about the intense bright color and taste of the greens from this garden favorite. This by far is one of the best beet greens there is. We recommend multiple plantings. The bright reddish purple will be a hit at the dinner table or any the farmers market. Here's what we recommend as to how much seed you should buy: If you are just going to plant one time, one pack will work. To our farmers market friends, you will need about a half ounce for every market you do. Actually, we believe you will want to buy our bulk Heirloom seed. All our seed is Heirloom, open pollinated, Non-GMO, and ready to grow. Happy growing!!! 

 Will make awesome micro greens

 plant early plant often 

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