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Cocozelle Green Summer Squash

Cocozelle Green Summer Squash

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Maturity Date: 50 days

Cocozelle is a bush type, long zucchini, with light green stripes. This Heirloom summer squash is a must have for any farm stand or homestead. It will produce tons of long squash pretty quickly once it gets going; every other day picking is fine, and they won't get super huge on you. Great to fill your CSA boxes with because you won't find this on the store shelves. This Heirloom seed is about 250 years old. Every garden needs a few of these; you will have plenty to give away some zucchini every summer. It's a gardeners heritage too; you can save the seeds from this one as well. This variety is Heirloom and beyond organic. Happy growing!!! 

 What a nice heirloom great variety does not need to be picked daily   

Plant early plant often 

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