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Comstock Spanish

Comstock Spanish

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Comstock Spanish is an heirloom variety classified as a cigar binder but also makes an excellent wrapper. It was developed in Wisconsin in the late 1800's after the civil war. It is believed it was developed from Wisconsin Havana Seed but was called a "spanish" variety, named after a pioneer grower. It grows to a height of 4 1/2' with leaves 12"-14" wide and 24"-26" long. Maturity is in 45-50 days. Plants average 20-22 harvestable leaves which are strong and have good elasticity when cured. The leaves droop downward with down turned edges when ripe.

 PI 552437 

 What a great variety  if you want a variety to add to your grow.   To grow your own high end cigars  this variety needs to be added to your line up   and it grows fairly quickly. So you can grow in just about anywhere in the USA.  

 Plant early plant often and happy growing 

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