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Cubanelle Sweet Pepper

Cubanelle Sweet Pepper

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Maturity Date: 80 days 

Cubanelle sweet peppers are unique sweet peppers that are multi-colored. Our seeds are Heirloom and Non-GMO.    These peppers.  Are more than likely one of the best over looked Heirloom peppers. Around.  There colorful tasty and easy to grow.  And with a little tlc can be grown in zones 5 thru 10.    You will want to start them  in trays or peat or pulp pots

   here's a few growing tips

    Do not push your seeds into the pots or trays. Fill them half way.  Then put your seeds in and sprinkle 

Soil over the top of them.  That way you do not compact the soil.    You will want to space your rows 

 About 2 feet apart.   And your 8 inches to 1 foot apart.    And keep the weed pressure  down. We recommend. A fabric or corn starch mulch.   

     And to our northern gardener friends. 

 Cut the bottom off a two liter. Soda bottle  and put them over your transplants until they get bigger 

     Happy growing!!!

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