Daikon Radish - beyond organic seeds
Daikon Radish - beyond organic seeds

Daikon Radish

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Maturity Date: 50 days

This is a long white Japanese-style radish. Daikon radishes are excellent for breaking up hardpan soils. They are cold tolerant and can quickly grow over 2 feet long. Actually, they are really easy to grow! These will produce a highly sought after addition to your CSA shares and your market table--very quickly and inexpensively. The regular Heirloom seed is just as good as the really expensive hybrid seed. Buy an ounce or a pound, and succession plant. People will be coming back for these! Happy growing!!!

    growing tips. 

    The daikon. Is not like other quick growing  radish.  These will get much bigger and take longer. To grow so let's  start off with spacing you will want to space these at least  4 inches apart. Then  as they. Harvest every other one.   You will want about 2 feet between rows.  And these seeds only need to planted about a half inch down 

   These are slow to bolt. And will field hold quite well.   And. The daikon radish.  Should be planted in succession  for a constant  supply.    

    Here's a interesting fact about this variety 

    These grow long.  Fast. And are used.  By farmers all over the world to break up hard pan soil  and for overall organic soil building 

Farm to fork 

The Daikon Radish destined to impress, and priced at only $1.59, for a limited time.

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