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Detroit Dark Red beet

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Maturity Date: 60 days 
The Detroit Dark Red is an excellent, all-purpose beet that is medium size, globular, deep red, sweet, and tender. Beets are very cold tolerant and should be planted every 2 or 3 weeks from the time the ground can be worked. The Heirloom Detroit Dark Red is a go to, tried and true variety. It's great for the roots but not the tops.  Makes great microgreens or sprouts. The Detroit Dark Red is an Heirloom, Non-GMO and you can save the seeds from it. The biggest mistake gardeners make when planting beets for for root harvest is over planting. These seeds have great germination; you only need 9 to 12 seeds a square foot so the roots have space to grow. Make sure the soil is loose and composted. Also, thinning is required if you want to have good sized roots; one tip is to over seed in the first place. These Heirloom beets are easy to grow and will take a week to germinate; the trick is to not let the seeds dry out to keep them moist. 
Detroit Dark Red beets will add color to your market tables and your CSA boxes. To all our farmers market friends, you should order about four ounces for every market you do; plant early and often. Folks will eat them over and over!
Here at Beyond Organic Seeds we grow the seeds we offer for fresh markets and canning. All our varieties are Non-GMO and ready to sow. The only way you are going to get garden flavor and quality is to use Heirloom seed. Also, Heirlooms are way more forgiving in poor soil; even if you miss a watering, you will still get a crop. These will store for a longer period of time. Happy growing!!! 
  Here's interesting tid bit and this beet  this variety is used as parent stock in 
Modern hybrids 
The Detroit Dark Red beet is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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