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Giant Noble Spinach

Giant Noble Spinach

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Hello all! This Heirloom variety of Giant Noble Spinach is very hardy and grows really big! The leaves are a little thicker and will hold up when boiled or frozen; they taste great with no bitterness. This seed is non-treated, Non-GMO and can be used for sprouts and baby leaf and containers. This is the variety that you can move the snow to harvest. Happy growing!!!

   Here are. Growing  tips and ideas. 

  If you are in zone 8 and above do not plant in. The summer slot.   But. You can the rest of the year with no problems.   

     Zones 3 thru 7b.  You can plant from. Early February  if the ground is not frozen. Up until. The middle of.  October    we recommend in any zone to plant in succession so you will have a constant supply.      If you are planting a large area you can broadcast the seeds and rake them in.   

   Spacing. Is not a big for the giant noble spinach 

    2 to 4 inches.  Depending on the size you want  

   Get them watered.  If you let em dry out to much.  They will go bitter on you 

 Make sure you keep the leaves pick you they don't bolt on you

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