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Glass gem corn

Glass gem corn

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Glass gem.  Heirloom corn this is more than likely is the most popular heirloom popcorn... Ornamental.  Corn there is.   Will produce good size ears with nice round shiney kernels. You figure. Will take around 100 days.   

 If you only have room for only 1 variety plant this one 

Plant early plant often and happy growing

  The glass gem is great heirloom corn seed. 

  Those of us in a shorter season area. With cool summer nights this variety preformed like a champ even with a early first frost. The ears just kept on producing. So will mature just about anywhere in the USA the stalks had two or three ears  and the stalks where 10 to 12 feet

   We didn't use commercial fertilizer 

   We planted beans in with the corn they did a great job keeping the corn fed. 

   We had late summer wind storms maybe 10% got knocked down but they just kept on maturing 


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