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Green Globe Artichoke

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Maturity Date: 200 plus days
This artichoke is a standard Green Globe variety. Grow as a perennial, and it will grow as an annual in northern climates. Everyone loves artichokes, but not a lot of people know how to grow them. They are hard to get a harvest in the first year, but with a little TLC it can be done. The trick is start your seeds early and put them out; then, let the frost hit them, bring them back in, and then plant. This tricks them into thinking they went through a winter. Happy growing
  Artichokes take a lot of room.  Here's what we have done in the past.   In your growing area.  Pen up. You're pairs of ducks or geese even a few broody hens let them nest up . between the plants. And eat the weeds and bugs. And hatch there clutch of eggs. And use the area. As a nursery
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