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Heirloom Baby Corn

Heirloom Baby Corn

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Heirloom Baby corn is very easy to grow and is fun! This is the variety that is most widely used for Baby corn for pickling and stir fry. Baby corn is best when picked small. You will get 2 to 4 years per plant and sometimes more ears will grow after it's picked. Grow like you would any corn; just put your spacing closer. The little ears will be ready 35 to 50 days. Do not let these get too big or the cobs will be to hard to eat. To our farmers market friends, these will be a hit since you can't get these at a store. Get about 4 ounces of seed if you are going to take to a market or for canning. These are Non-GMO and Heirloom that have been around for 100s of years. A mainstay in Asian cooking and a family's garden! Happy growing!!!

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