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Indigo Blue Beauty

Indigo Blue Beauty

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The Indigo Blue Beauty is a medium to large slicing tomato of the Indigo series. They average from 8 to 10 ounces and take about 80 days from transplant. They turn a dark blue on top and a bright red on the bottom when fully ripe. They have a very robust tomato flavor! The Indigo series is very hard to find and can only be found when you buy tomato seeds online. As always, our seeds are open-pollinated and Non-GMO. The Indigo Blue Beauty and all the tomatoes from the Indigo series comes from wild tomatoes--not farmed. To our farmers market friends, you must buy some tomatoes from the Indigo series. You will have tomatoes that hardly anyone has ever seen--let alone seen at a store. This variety is indeterminate, and in warmer areas it will produce very heavily. We also get good results in zone 6. We start about 8 to 10 weeks before last frost. Happy growing!!!  

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